Root Problem

Most nations of the world are considered corrupt and many are getting worse.


Kingdom Solution

We believe God has released His plan.

An apostolic team was the catalyst to transform the Jewish nation beginning in Luke 9:1-2. Later, apostolic teams were the catalyst to transform the Gentile nations beginning in Acts 13:1-4. Today, apostolic teams can transform your city, state, sphere of influence and even your nation. We call this idea the Strategy for Nations.

  1. Called – You are called to an apostolic action team. Form a small team of people, who are called by God and become God’s government by activating His one new commandment in content and context. This creates a posture of love and unity. (John 13:34)

  2. Equipped – Get equipped with spiritual authority from Jesus. In His timing, He will provide His spiritual authority for the specific work He is giving your action team. There was roughly 14 months between His call and His authority for the first apostolic team. (Luke 5:1-11 & 9:1)

  3. Sent – Be sent by the Holy Spirit. Your team will be sent out with His plan to transform your specific part of society. The transformation will flow through your team. (Matt. 10:1-8 & Acts 13:4-12)

Expected Outcomes
There are expected outcomes you can anticipate by participating in an apostolic action team:

  1. Experience  God’s love and unity within your team

  2. Receive  God’s authority within your team

  3. Discover  God’s design and destiny for your part of society

  4. Discover  God’s plan and projects for your part of society

What About You?

Are you being called by God to start an apostolic action team? The Isaiah 9:7 Movement is here to help you get equipped. Teams can range from 2-12 people and frankly are very enjoyable. We are seeing God send out teams in:

  1. Businesses and Ministries

  2. Industries and Cities

  3. States and Nations

The Isaiah 9:7 Movement provides free training for you and your action team. This training includes our Action eCourse with one of a kind content. This is for those who want deeper teaching and testimonies. It is an easy platform on this website for quick access for all your team members without any subscription or pain points. Just click on “Action eCourse” in our website menu.

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