You have a big idea/life mission from God.

The nations of the world desperately need transformation.

…what if they are connected?


We believe God has released His plan for you and for world transformation. It is simple.

    Your big idea/life mission

+ The right biblical strategy


= World Transformation

If Christians use the right biblical strategy for their big idea, the world will be transformed through His people. We are watching God repeatedly use the same strategy for transformation. We call it the “Strategy for Nations” and we begin with the “Spiritual Foundation for Transformation.” The rest is between you and the Holy Spirit.

Strategy for Nations

  1. Called – You are called to lead an apostolic action team. Form a small team of people, who are called by God and become God’s government by activating His one new commandment in content and context. This creates a posture of love and unity. (John 13:34)

  2. Equipped – Get equipped with spiritual authority from Jesus. In His timing, He will provide His spiritual authority for the specific work He is giving your action team. (Luke 9:1)

  3. Sent – Be sent by the Holy Spirit. Your team will be sent out with His plan to transform a specific part of society. The transformation will flow through your team. (Acts 13:4-12)

Are you ready for your part in history? Are you ready to start an apostolic action team?


Are you being called by God to start an apostolic action team? The Isaiah 9:7 movement is here to help you get equipped. Teams can range from 2-12 people and frankly are very enjoyable. We are seeing God send out teams in:

  1. Businesses and Ministries

  2. Industries and Cities

  3. States and Nations

The Isaiah 9:7 Movement provides free training for you and your action team. We also provide more in-depth eCourses to purchase. This is for those who want deeper teaching and testimonies. The eCourses will help you mitigate the attempts of the enemy, save you time, and become effective in your transformational work.

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