The Isaiah 9:7 Movement has become a network of old and new friends who are passionate about equipping you to transform your area of society that aligns with God’s design and destiny.

Our Vision

Increasing God’s government in your city and nation

Our Mission

Equip apostolic action teams in every city, state and nation.

Expected Outcomes:

There are expected outcomes you can anticipate by participating in an apostolic action team:

  1. Experience  God’s love and unity within your team

  2. Receive  God’s authority within your team

  3. Discover  God’s design and destiny for your part of society

  4. Discover  God’s plan and projects for your part of society

   Action Team Purpose

The purpose of the apostolic action team is to discover God’s design and destiny for your area of society and then align with God’s design and destiny for that area.

The Friends

Steven J. Wilson


Emmanuel Baba-Lola

eCourse Co-Host

Maria Erickson

eCourse Co-Host

Lee Green


Sherre Johnson

I97 Apostolic Team Member

Melinda McCoy

I97 Apostolic Team Member

Mary Musk

I97 Apostolic Team Member

Helga Pavelkova

Graphic Design/Illustrator

Angie Stickrod

I97 Apostolic Team Member

Matthew Deery


Corey Wipper


Jeanne Wilson

I97 Apostolic Team Member

Phil and Cynthia Leonard

I97 Apostolic Team Members

Melissa Lesyinski

eCourse Co-Host

Kingdom Alignment of Minnesota

State Apostolic Team Members


Equipping The Laborers For The Great Harvest “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few;” Luke 10:2

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