This eCourse was filmed across the United States over 4+ years to bring you a best practice in transforming society that aligns with God.
We are excited to provide it as a gift to you.


Take three minutes to determine if this eCourse will help you with your assignment from God. Continue to watch the sessions in order for the best experience, beginning with this introduction video.

Before You Start

Let God choose the team!

  Experience God’s Love and Unity Within Your Team

Love and unity is the foundation of transformation. This will position your team for spiritual authority.

Receive God’s Spiritual Authority Within Your Team

Do not run into your team’s assignment without spiritual authority for your part of society.

  Discover God’s Design and Destiny For Your Part of Society

God has a design for every area of society. We provide four questions to help your team determine God’s design and destiny for your part of society.

Discover God’s Plans and Projects For Your Part of Society

After building relationships within your team and with God, your team will be ready for His plans and projects to transform your area of society.

  Kingdom Business

Avoid using Babylonian principles to build the Kingdom of God. Dave Hodgson of Kingdom Initiatives will help us mitigate this mistake.

God’s Government

This session will demonstrate how we prepare a spotless bride in the midst of a corrupt society.

Coming Soon!

Spiritual Authority Part 2

Also known as Jurisdictional Authority.