Co-Creating with the Father

Are you an entrepreneur who is interested in co-creating with God rather than creating without God? If so, this book is for you. It will contrast the two approaches of creating in seven areas: Discovery, Entrepreneurship, Ideas, Economics, Validation, Riches and Leadership. The first example of Co-Creating with the Father comes in Genesis 2:19 with Adam naming the animals that God had created.

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Here is a personal note from the author:
I have made myself open and vulnerable as I share my journey from what I call. “the dark night of my soul” to restoration and healing. As I have drawn near to my heavenly Father, He has taught me how to forgive and love and heal. May you also, dear friend, walk in the wholeness for which you were created.

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Will we let the root issues of our nation quietly steal away our economic and social prosperity? Transforming America with an Inwardly Sound & Outwardly Focused Culture

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Increasing God’s Government in your City and Nation

Nearly all of the cities and nations most impacted by God in the book of Acts involved an apostolic team. Today, the critical role of the apostolic team appears to be nearly lost.

The mission of the Isaiah 9:7 movement is to equip apostolic teams in every city and nation. Therefore, the first twelve chapters of this book are dedicated to equipping you and your team with apostolic knowledge. The remaining three chapters will activate your apostolic team and send you out to seek God’s will for your city or nation and align your city or nation with God’s will.

This book is full color and loaded with illustrations, graphs, pictures, testimonies and links to allow an enriching experience to you, the reader.

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