Apostolic Action Team Seminar

There are four outcomes you can anticipate by participating in an apostolic action team:

  1. Experience  God’s love and unity within your team

  2. Receive  God’s authority within your team

  3. Discover  God’s design and destiny for your part of society

  4. Discover  God’s plan and projects for your part of society


Come and join our Kingdom Alignment of Minnesota team.

L to R: Steve Wilson, Isaiah 9:7, Gary Borgendale, Shine Ministries, Pastor Greg Pagh, Bless Minnesota, Pastor Dave Huizenga, Church of Influence

REGISTER TODAY for this Apostolic Training seminar by clicking the button below and share this invitation with others. The cost is $50/person including a continental breakfast, all program materials, and personal follow-up by a member of our Kingdom Alignment of Minnesota team.

Action Team Videos

Are you ready to be part of an apostolic action team and transform the world? Action Team Introduction is a 9 minute – free video that will launch you and your team.

Spiritual Authority is the second step of the Strategy for Natons. This 2-3 minute free video will provide a nice sample of content included in the eight-session Kingdom Community eCourse below.

Action Team  eCourse Trailer

Action Team eCourse!

The Action Team eCourse is our version of a master class for Christian action. What if God is waiting for you to transform your area of society? This eCourse has one of a kind content that will equip you and your action team to align with God’s design and destiny for your area of society.

We recommend every person who is concerned about the direction of society get the Action Team eCourse. As a side note, we do not sell this eCourse for $300 or even $700. Instead, we ask you to give a seed of $3/month for as long as God prompts. We believe little seeds make big fruit!

Action Team Textbook

Increasing God’s Government in your City and Nation

Nearly all of the cities and nations most impacted by God in the book of Acts involved an apostolic action team. Today, the critical role of the apostolic action team appears to be nearly lost.

The mission of the Isaiah 9:7 movement is to equip apostolic action teams in every city and nation. Therefore, the first twelve chapters of this book are dedicated to equipping you and your team with apostolic knowledge. The remaining three chapters will activate your team and send you out to seek God’s will for your city or nation and align your city or nation with God’s will.

This book is full color and loaded with illustrations, graphs, pictures, testimonies and links to allow an enriching experience to you, the reader.

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