Isaiah 9:7 Textbook

Increasing God’s Government in your City and Nation

Nearly all of the cities and nations most impacted by God in the book of Acts involved an apostolic team. Today, the critical role of the apostolic team appears to be nearly lost.

The mission of the Isaiah 9:7 movement is to equip apostolic teams in every city and nation. Therefore, the first twelve chapters of this book are dedicated to equipping you and your team with apostolic knowledge. The remaining three chapters will activate your apostolic team and send you out to seek God’s will for your city or nation and align your city or nation with God’s will.

This book is full color and loaded with illustrations, graphs, pictures, testimonies and links to allow an enriching experience to you, the reader.

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This eCourse will equip you to start and support an apostolic team. This course is a “must have” for anyone thinking about how to take Christian action in today’s culture. This is likely the first time you will learn about this approach to His government.

There are five sessions. Each session will build on the previous session. Each session will start with an introduction and then move out to the field to discuss a topic in detail. You will enjoy meeting real people who have experience in each of the Kingdom topics. The sessions are fun and entertaining. Most importantly, they provide a great learning experience including animation and aerial videos.

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Each year, starting in 2021, Isaiah 9:7 has a digital conference the first weekend of December. Please plan to attend. You can also purchase the previous year’s conference, which is full of equipping for your team in digital form.

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Isaiah 9:7 Community

Our newest feature is the Isaiah 9:7 Community called “Commissioned.” We will be rolling this out at the 2021 Isaiah 9:7 conference. This platform will allow you to plug into the community and start connecting with others from your state or nation. You will also be able to follow apostolic team projects in different cities around the world. These projects all have one thing in common. They are aligning their city with God’s will for their city.

The great news is that you can sign up for Commissioned TODAY. To sign up, go to Commissioned and fill out a very simple form. That will get you into the Isaiah 9:7 group and you’ll be on your way. Check out these sign-in instructions to get yourself signed up for Commissioned!


This apostolic team in Rochester, MN is seeing results. These seven individuals have been meeting since 2018. They are seeking God’s will for their city. In 2019 they felt God start to “send out” their group to align with His will for the city. For example, one of the seven closed his business in 2020 and is re-opening the same business in 2022 with a completely new God-given strategy that aligns with His will for the city. Another member of the team is being sent out in government with a new God-given movement. There is a total of $22 million in projects from within this team that are currently being planned to align with God’s will for their city.

The biblical model of follower, disciple and apostle worked 2,000 years ago and still works today. Is your city next?