Welcome Video from Kingdom Community

Join Kingdom Community and Start Transforming Culture Today

Kingdom Community is a network of individuals, teams, industries and initiatives that are working to transform their cities, states and/or nations by aligning with God’s design and destiny for their area.

Kingdom Community is housed within Commissioned, a platform for communication and collaboration between individuals and teams. It’s generally easy to use and is safe from the threat of deplatforming.  The best way to get familiar with how Commissioned works is to jump in and start exploring.

Sign Up and Instructions
To get started, click on the Sign Up Link and follow these simple Instructions for Setup to join the Town Square within Kingdom Community on Commissioned.  Once you’ve joined the Town Square, you can reference the Navigation Instructions to learn more about how to get around in Commissioned.

Join Groups
From there, you can join any number of other groups and start networking online with people in all different geographical areas as well as different areas of interest.

As you explore Kingdom Community and questions arise, you are always welcome to contact jeanne@isaiah97.com to get your questions answered.

We hope you will find Commissioned and Kingdom Community useful tools in managing your groups and transforming culture.