Rochester, MN


This apostolic action team is aligning with God’s design and destiny for their city. They begin meeting in 2018. They simply followed the Spiritual Foundation for Transformation and the Holy Spirit did the rest.

Root Problem

Many cities do not know God’s will for their city nor align with God’s will.

Kingdom Solution

Every city needs a team of people who are seeking God’s will for their city and aligning their city with His will. This apostolic action team of seven people are being sent out by God to align their city with God’s will. They believe God’s will for Rochester, MN is a city of health and healing. They have now started new companies with new projects that align the city with God’s will.

Like other teams who use the Spiritual Foundation, the results are above and beyond. Not only is the team aligning the city with God’s will, they are also transforming industries. Bread of Life Bakery is an example and begins the industry transformation section below.


Baked Goods


Bread of Life Bakery (BOLB) is aligning with God’s design and destiny for bread.  With over 100 years of industry experience, this business has shut down the old recopies and are expected to break new ground in the fall of 2022. Bread of Life Bakery began this new era with the Spiritual Foundation for Transformation.

Root Problem

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), diabetes, obesity, mental health, autoimmune and degenerative diseases are the nation’s greatest challenges. Little surprise, these challenges are directly connected to the food we consume.

Kingdom Solution

The kingdom solution is the transformation of the baking industry locally, nationally, then globally through the newly named Bread of Life Bakery.

The mission statement is:

Bread of Life Bakery, built on a biblical foundation, is committed to providing pure and wholesome baked goods that give peace of mind and aid the body in healing both physically and spiritually.

Bread of Life Bakery will be strategically located outside of Rochester, MN, a city called to heal. The location will be vital for attracting God’s favor as we align our business with His will.

A full executive summary is available for BOLB including a funding request and contact information. Email us at for your copy.

Apple Varieties


Ocheda Orchard is aligning with God’s design and destiny for apple varieties. They have been transforming the apple industry for 20 years. They are a small orchard in Minnesota. However, the University of MN is the industry leader with over 100 years of experience and nearly 30 new varieties including Honeycrisp.

Root Problem

The process used by the University of MN to create new apple varieties is called controlled pollination because it is controlled by people rather than by nature alone. This takes a lot of time and money. According to the University, bringing one new variety to market can take 20-30 years and involve up to 20,000 seedling trees.

Kingdom Solution

Ocheda Orchard is transforming the apple industry by using open pollination. This leaves little room for people to take credit as nature creates the new varieties. The wisdom of God works through the tiny bees that have no education in agriculture or horticulture. So far, Ocheda Orchard has been producing new varieties with less than 1,000 new seedling trees per patented variety.

Here is the fruit!

Chuck Nystrom, the owner of Ocheda Orchard, commercialized the first two varieties at the same time. One variety improved Honeycrisp and the other new variety came from old parent stock that has long been rejected as viable. This shows that God can make the best better and raise up the least at the same time. Mr. Nystrom laughs when he says that “God can make a great apple out of any sour wad.”

One of those first two new varieties from the orchard is known as Sugarbee®. There is an estimated 4 million Sugarbee® trees now planted in Washington State. It is expected to be the second most popular variety of its category in the United States in 2022. Sugarbee® is also marketed in seven other nations around the world.

There are more varieties being commercialized in the pipeline.



Liberty Classical Academy (LCA) is aligning with God’s design and destiny for education. Liberty Classical Academy began in 1999 by investing four years into a Spiritual Foundation for Transformation. Today they are transforming a MN public school into a private 73 acre preK-12 campus that glorifies God.

Root Problem

We are living in a time when logical reasoning, critical thinking and effective communication are lacking, and societal attacks on Christianity are eroding our culture. Critical Race Theory has flooded public and many private school curricula. Comprehensive sex ed, LGBTQ and other gender driven agendas are being thrust upon our students beginning as early as kindergarten. Truth is under attack! We desperately need a new generation of Godly, well-educated youth in order to maintain a civilized society, but also to unify our country and protect our founding values.

Kingdom Solution

When taught from a distinctively Christian worldview, classical education uses God’s word as a standard by which our students can discern truth throughout their curricular studies. It is a rich, time-tested method of training students’ minds in a way that also touches their hearts. A Liberty education places emphasis on giving students the skills to effectively engage in and influence the culture, and as a result they are well spoken, confident, and able to reason and communicate effectively. They do this while demonstrating Godly character and courageous leadership. They are taught to exhibit undaunted perseverance AND they are joyful!

LCA yields real results. Just remember the number 15 when thinking about LCA. Liberty students place on average in the top 15% in the nation on standardized testing. LCA itself has experienced a 15% enrollment increase annually for the last seven years.

A full executive summary is available for LCA including a funding request and contact information. Email us at for your copy.



Kingdom Alignment of Minnesota is aligning with God’s design and destiny for Minnesota. Kingdom Alignment of Minnesota began by using the Spiritual Foundation for Transformation. In November of 2022 they conducted their first Re-Imagine Minnesota Summit with nearly 100 people attending from throughout the State.


Undisclosed Nation

A person from one of the largest foreign nations in the world attended one of the first Isaiah 9:7 trainings a few years ago in Minnesota. They traveled back to their nation and shared a diagram from our training with a group of other people at a regional conference. Eventually, the group networked with other organizations and started a transformation movement in the nation. Today, they provide young adults with vocational training that uses the model of called, equipped, and sent.  After these young adults experience personal transformation, they will be sent across the nation for the specific purpose of societal transformation. We believe the nation itself will eventually be transformed.

In order to avoid political persecutions, we are not disclosing individuals or the nation.